Yisroel Stefansky, a recognized expert in practical disaster response founded The Advanced Security Training Institute (ASTI) in 2004. Since then, ASTI has trained more than 1,100 participants in 80 organizations, across seven states and seven Federal Agencies. In this staff spotlight, learn more about his background, and what he finds most rewarding about founding a program focused on advanced security and medical training.

Q. Tell us about your experience.

When I was 15 years old, I witnessed a bus explosion in Israel. It felt surreal. The devastation and pain I saw fueled my work and since then, I have devoted my life to helping others and responding to terrorist attacks and disasters.

I work with police forces, emergency response teams, and many other first-responders and business executives in various countries around the world, delivering trainings and consultation that address the real and present threats of terrorism to citizens. Additionally, I am a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), forensics expert, fire fighter, private investigator, dive master and private pilot. I have expertise in search and rescue and assisted in the aftermath of the NASA Columbia Shuttle disaster, as well as during Hurricane Katrina.

Q. What is the most rewarding aspect of the program?

To me, the program focuses on how we can save lives together. By facilitating collaboration across departments and helping first responders and law enforcement personnel better prepare and respond to issues of terrorism, school safety, mass casualties, critical infrastructure and cybersecurity, I can make a difference and leverage what I have learned to help others.

I am continually inspired by the passion and bravery of police, fire, EMS and medical personnel and remain committed to offering a training program that teaches real-world strategies to keep Americans safe.

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