Sign up now to attend first-of-its-kind open enrollment event

Today, ASTI announced that it is accepting enrollment in a new, first-of-its kind integrated training program for first responders. The training event will take place in Israel, and is open to first responders across the United States.

Previously, ASTI has concentrated on providing integrated training to teams in one city or jurisdiction, bringing local, state and federal agencies together to identify and respond to threats or emergency events. The new integrated training program invites participants from around the country to convene in Israel and train with colleagues from around the country, outside their immediate jurisdiction.

“ASTI has trained hundreds of first responders across the country, to help address and prepare them for serious threats related to terrorism, school safety, mass casualties, critical infrastructure and cybersecurity, “ said ASTI Founder and President Yisroel Stefansky. “While we have typically trained 20-30 participants who work together in close proximity, smaller groups have requested options to attend the program, and we are committed to evolving our offerings to allow teams of all sizes to connect with ASTI and learn strategies to keep Americans safe.”

This training will immerse participants in a real-world setting, and offer learning opportunities based on battle-tested methods and techniques learned from conflict in Israel. The itinerary will include sessions on terrorism, trafficking, emergency operations, lone-wolf attacks and provide participants access to sites of past events. The nine day session will also address a variety of other topics. Access a complete itinerary here.

Training with ASTI qualifies for use of UASI grant funds and other funding options are also available.

Contact ASTI with questions, and sign-up now to reserve your spot for this unique training program.